Pride of Place

We had a small problem when we tried to fit Craig's boots and gloves on our friend here!  The mannequin's hands are much bigger than Craig's!!  And because the feet are rigid we can't get Craig's boots on him either.

Workington 2017

Craig signs up as Workington's captain at their number 1 spot.  We're all waiting with baited breath to hear where he will ride in the Premiership league!

Christmas 2016

Craig visited the CFS offices the first weekend in December.  What we weren't expecting was his very generous Christmas present... only his 2016 race bike!!  What an amazing gift, we'll treasure it.

Christmas Bears
Jingle Bells!

All details of the Christmas Bears can be found on Craig's website... click on the Links page to find a direct link to his website.

New homes wanted!

Cookie bears for sale in four different colours.  Every bear has a unique code which has the chance of winning prizes!  Purchases can be made via Craig's website, a link can be found from the Links page.

Back with CFS for another year

News and updates appearing soon...

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