Looking good!

Craig looking good in practice at the NSS.

Belle Vue in 2018

It was announced this morning (17.01.18) that Craig will be riding for Belle Vue again in 2018.  He will also be a part of the Rybnik squad this season.

GP Support Squad

Be a part of the fantastic opportunity to support Craig in his Grand Prix debut.  And for just £50 you also have a good chance of winning an amazing prize!  Just e-mail : 111craigcook@gmail.com with your details.

Grand Prix Dates

12 May             Warsaw  (Poland)
26 May             Prague  (Czech Republic)
30 June            Horsens  (Denmark)
7 July               Hallstavik  (Sweden)
21 July             Cardiff (Great Britain)
11 August        Malilla  (Sweden)
25 August        Gorzow  (Poland)
8 September    Krsko  (Slovenia)
22 September  Teterow  (Germany)
6 October         Torun  (Poland)

Back with CFS for another year

News and updates appearing soon...

Pride of Place

Our display now has Craig's 2017 Cardiff GP race suit!!  What an amazing gift... thank you so much Craig.

2017 British Champion!

Craig Cook British Champion 2017... has a nice ring to it don't you agree!!

New homes wanted!

There are only a limited number of Cookie bears available now, in four different colours.  Purchases can be made via Craig's website, a link can be found from the Links page.

Christmas 2016

Craig visited the CFS offices the first weekend in December.  What we weren't expecting was his very generous Christmas present... only his 2016 race bike!!  What an amazing gift, we'll treasure it.


2014 trackside at Cardiff


Back when it all started at Havvy's Farewell meeting at the Wimborne Road track in 2014.

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