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Promote your company by sponsoring CFS Motor Racing

How would you like your brand or company linked to the fast moving and vibrant sport of Moto Cross? You only have to look at what Motor sport has done for Red Bull, Monster etc. We don’t profess to be as good as the top F1 teams or Moto GP teams but we can still get your company or brand name in front of hundreds or even thousands of people each race event and constantly seen on our 7.5 tonne race motor Motor home and two other race support vehicles.

For a fraction of the cost of other race sponsorship Moto Cross can give immediate brand awareness to an audience which generally has disposable income. The demographic spread covers very young to retirement age.

CFS Motor Racing is scheduled to be at a minimum of 20 races in 2014 with others still to be agreed and booked. In essence we ride most weekends of the year even though the summer season finishes officially at the end of October.

Moto-cross is one of the few sports which allow spectators within feet of the action with the ability to walk around the pits to see the machines and talk to the riders and support teams.

There are normally professional photographerst most race meetings. Photographs are in national magazines on a regular basis meaning your company can also be in the national press. There is also the potential for television coverage at the larger events.

Rider Profile

Fred Heath has ridden for CFSMotor Racing  for 2½ years and is our number 1 rider. In 2011 he was UMX solo expert champion and in 2012 he was “King of the South” winning the title against stiff competition.

In 2013 Fred Heath,  finished 4th in the Dave Thorpe Evo series behind GP riders of significant standing beating the 2012 winner of the Maxis Veteran championship. The Evo 500 series is the top of its class where all machines have to be manufactured before 1990.

Fred was also riding in the 2013 Premier Series in the MX1 riding Suzuki RMZ450’s. In his first season and finished 20th out of 43 riders with the aim to be in the top 10 in 2014 .

At 24 years of age Fred has the hunger to win. He rides  to the best of his ability and always looks to improve race by race .

Riley Lowe will ride as the second rider for CFS for 2014 in the Scott National as well as the Dave Thorpe EVO 250 and other selected meetings. Riley, although younger than Fred, has ridden in the Phoenix Tools Premier series for 2 years.

Sponsors are guaranteed 2 riders and machines with their names at each event;

How can you help us and we help you?

Competing at this level requires significant investment in bikes, travel and entry fees alone. The Suzuki race bike costs £9500 each in competitive “trim” (3 needed for 2014) and the Evo bikes cost £3500 each (2 for 2014 and maintained). To Maintain and repair the  5 machines adds £10,000 and travel and entry fees another £10,000.

Ideally we would like to make Fred 100% full time and totally professional sending the running costs towards six figures, more with a second rider

We are looking for any investment possible, however small or large to support our 2014 campaign. Every contribution will be very much appreciated. To prepare your company name in vinyl stickers for the camper support vehicles and for the bikes has a cost , beyond that cost your donation will help us tremendously.

In return, can give your company exposure for a fraction of the cost you would pay to appear in national magazines, for a fraction of the cost it would be to put your name on motorways and roads and a fraction of the cost national television would cost.

Those who would like to invest significantly will gain their name as title sponsor, ie.: "Mercedes Mclaren", "Fiat Yamaha", "Repsol Honda", it could be your company CFS Motor racing.

Some events can have up to 10,000 spectators; our web site has already had over 16,000 hits and will be improved totally for 2014 to carry all sponsors names and details.

How else for so little cost can you get your company name in front of so many people and help sport as well? 

For any questions please contact Derek Baker on the following:

derekjbaker@cfsfiltration.com or on 07989535829

Thank you for taking time to read this and I honestly mean every contribution however small or large, to help and promote the talent in motor sport for the future is really appreciated.. Please donate now. It is a win, win situation for your company.  

We already have an international company agree to support us and have seen the huge benefits on offer. Any contribution is really appreciated and £1000 puts your company name on the race suits, support vehicles (3 vehicles) and supports talent in motorsport for 2014. It also puts your company name in front of more people than £1000 spent in any other way is likely to achieve. If you want to discuss significant investment we will look at putting your company name on race programmes as well and including your name in the race team name. Two riders could cost £90,000 this year and your support is essential to making this happen. Send us your company logo and we will do the rest. We will also send photographs from races where possible so you can use them for promotion if you would like to.

Thank you again for reading this , if you invest in us we will do all we can to promote you and your company at every event we attend and every day the vehicles are on the road.

Derek Baker (Team Owner and Principal)